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Childcare for your first child is included with your membership and class packs! Most fitness classes at A Mom’s Village offer childcare with our professional childcare staff.

You can purchase class packs and monthly memberships for our Pop Up location HERE.

Remember, your first class at A Mom's Village is FREE.


High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective workouts to hit the fitness industry. In this challenging and fun workout, you'll move through a circuit that challenge the body in a unique and fun workout. ALL LEVELS are welcome! This fun class will fly by faster than your little one's nap time! Please wear clean indoor sneakers.


Get ready to sweat for an hour in this High Energy, Calorie Scorching, Action Packed Kickboxing class! Sports scientists agree that cardio kickboxing is one of the best forms of exercise. Get ready to punch, kick, and sweat all of your frustrations out! Tantrums? What tantrums? Please wear clean indoor sneakers!


This is an athletic, heat building yoga class in which mamas will focus on their breath while challenging their bodies! Through creative sequencing, we will practice foundational postures, such as warriors and sun salutations, as well as explore backbends, inversions, arm balances and restorative postures. Every class will end with a savasana, aka the nap you truly deserve, mama!


Stretch & Strength is for prenatal, recently postnatal, and new-to-exercise mamas!  This is the perfect combination of a full body workout and a deep stretch for all your muscles to heal from the strenuous activities of pregnancy and motherhood.

This class will use props and your own body weight to maximize results. Come stretch out those kinks and be energized for the day ahead!  

Please wear clean indoor sneakers.


Cardio Barre gives you the benefit of cardio and strength in one fast-paced, challenging, and fun class. Moving between the mat and the barre, your muscles will constantly be challenged.


Not your mamas's barre class. Barre Fusion will create those long, lean muscles we all crave. Barre Fusion focuses on all major muscles groups in a balanced, safe manner and is safe for ALL LEVELS. This class will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone to a place where you can build strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Bare feet or grippy socks are recommended.


In this class, it’s just you, your mat, and your props. You may not know what is coming next, but we promise you’ll get a killer, full body workout for your arms, abs, legs and booty.

Modifications are always offered. Bare feet are required.


Born in the Navy SEALS, TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

In addition to the multi-function TRX training station, this class also may incorporate kettle bells, mini bands, light weights, and resistance bands.

Lose inches and work up a sweat in this fun and dynamic work out. 


sculptBEATS is the combination of fun music and choreographed strength training. This class will feel more like a night at the club (remember what that was like?) than strength training!

sculptBEATS incorporates dumbbells, bands, and mat work to fatigue all major muscle groups while working to the beat of a fun and energizing playlist.

Please wear clean indoor sneakers.


  • "I started at the Village this past January. After 2 kids and literally being 50lbs over weight from before I had kids. I was ready to make a change. I have realized the importance of doing something for myself each and every day. Insert...THE VILLAGE (cue heavenly music) The Village not only has amazing instructors and a nice selection of classes at times that work for me, but their babysitting is FREE and AMAZING. I really truly love the childcare staff there. I can be weird about leaving my children alone with people I don't know well but from the start I felt comfortable and happy. My daughter Sienna gets super excited when I tell her were going to exercise and she gets to play with Kendra (one of the childcare people). Since starting with The Village I am down 20lbs and am feeling amazing. All the women who go there and work there are so kind and supportive. Its a great place for mamas to feel supported and cared for in a non-judgement zone. I'm so happy I found the Village!"

    Christy Dole

  • "I love that The Village offers a range of fitness classes. I like mixing up my exercise and having so many choices keeps working out fun. Of course, the major perk is the babysitting room. It's so nice to work out when I want to and not worry about finding a sitter or coordinating with my husband. My kids love the babysitting room; it is a fun and warm environment. My kids also love music class with Miss Lindsey. We keep coming back to The Village because it’s the one hour where Mom comes first but my kids benefit as well. "

    Cate Sheehy

  • "The Village has become a special and fun part of my family's life. Between the classes for moms and music for kids, we always look forward to the mornings that we get to spend there. I love taking classes so that I can challenge myself and enjoy time with some Mom-friends while my kids are enjoying themselves in the child-watch room. I always feel so refreshed leaving The Village after a work out. I also love taking my kids to music classes. They are a great way to get to spend valuable time with my kids, while they get a chance to express themselves and learn new skills in a nurturing environment. "

    Suzanne Polizzi

  • "The Village is a great place to work out! I felt so welcomed by all of the staff the first time I went. I love pounding out all my frustrations and working up a sweat in the pound classes! The babysitting is amazing and even on a rough morning, they always take such good care of my baby."

    Liz Kutryb

  • "I go to the Village's exercise classes the 2 days I am home with my 1 year old daughter. It is always my favorite part of the day. I know Gwen is well cared for by the babysitting staff (and it is free!) and I get some me time to focus on the fun and challenging workout. I just wish I didn't have to work so I could check out all the awesome classes the Village has to offer the rest of the week."

    Stephanie Davis

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