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Fitness Classes

A Mom's Village is "not your mama's gym."  We offer safe, effective fitness classes designed for the specific physical needs of #strongmamas.  Our sweat-inducing classes will challenge you and leave you with endorphins pumping!

We offer TWO separate boutique fitness studios under one roof, each with a VERY different feel.

In our beautiful FOCUS Studio, you can catch a signature barre, cardio barre, yoga, cardio kickboxing (and more!) class with one of our highly qualified instructors.  You'll be challenged both physically and mentally in all of our classes designed for all fitness levels. 

Unleash your inner athlete on the turf in our HUSTLE Bootcamp Room. Our instructors will push your limits as you move through stations consisting of both strength and conditioning exercises designed for all fitness levels. Our Bootcamp classes will leave you feeling breathless and ready to take on your day.

After you have challenged yourself physically, each class ends with an inspirational Mama-vasana.  This is a moment to pause and reflect on what your body just accomplished, to acknowledge the power within yourself, and to mentally prepare yourself for the rest of the day ahead.

Please see below for our class descriptions.  Feel free to email info@amomsvillage.com for suggestions on which fitness classes are right for you!

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