MommyConcierge is a service to our members that is aimed at making your life easier. Healthy living, meal planning and things we got used to before motherhood far too often are pushed aside after we have our kiddos. Let us help you get healthy meals delivered right to the Village and ready for you when your class is finished.


Lunch by Sol Bean on Tuesdays:

Please order ON MONDAY for TUESDAY morning delivery. 

  1. Go to

  1. Click on "Order online"
  1. Select your order and note any allergies in the Special Instructions box. (Please do not order coffee as we are unable to transport it at this time).
  1. Once you are done ordering, select the "pick up" option, and then select the LATEST time available

  1. Select "Check Out."
  1. In the FIRST NAME column, please write A MOM'S VILLAGE followed by your first name.  Fill out the remaining information, including payment information.

  1. Select "Place Order."

Your order will be delivered to A Mom's Village by 9:45 on Tuesday morning!  It will be stored in the refrigerator in the Mommy Lounge.

Please note that refunds will NOT be issued once an order is placed.

If we are closed for any reason on Tuesday, you will receive a Sol Bean credit that can be used for future orders. Orders can be cancelled by calling Sol Bean at (978) 777-5900.

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