Monthly Membership

  • Member will be charged the full membership fee amount on the same day each month.

  • Auto pay agreement begins on the date of purchase.

  • Membership package cannot be frozen or extended with the exception of medical condition with a note from a Doctor.

  • Should you need to terminate contract within the first three (3) months, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged. There is no penalty for cancelling after this initial commitment.

  • Membership and auto-payment will automatically continue unless termination is requested in writing at least 14 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal.

  • If a member cancels and rejoins, a $50 processing fee will apply.

  • We will give at least 30 days notice of any price changes.

  • Memberships (except for the momHUSTLE (no kids) Membership) include free babysitting for the first child. If a member brings siblings or other guests, there will be a $5 a la carte charge per child per hour. Class pack holders may purchase a la carte childcare drop ins as needed. 

  • Off-Peak sibling childcare passes do not apply during peak times. If a member is taking a peak class (with a discounted class pack) sibling drop in passes must be purchased for $5 per child for additional children.

  • If a member plans to bring more children regularly, we offer a sibling unlimited membership.


Fitness and Childcare Registration/Purchases

  • All purchases expire four (4) months from date of sale unless otherwise noted.

  • In order to provide excellent service, fitness class and mommyTIME reservations may be cancelled without penalty for up to eight (8) hours before the scheduled class start to avoid a Late Cancel.

  • Babysitting and mommyTIME reservations may be cancelled without penalty for up to two (2) hours before the scheduled class start to avoid a Late Cancel.

  • In the event of a Late Cancel, class pack holders will be charged the class credit(s).

  • Monthly-unlimited pass holders will be allowed one (1) Late Cancel per calendar month with no penalty. Any additional late cancels will be charged a $10 fee.

  • Late Cancels will be assessed per hour block whether childcare, fitness or both reservations were missed with a cap of $10/hr. In the event of an emergency, please contact us and we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

  • No Shows will be assessed per hour block whether childcare, fitness or both reservations were missed with a cap of $15/hr. In the event of an emergency, please contact us and we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

  • Members must sign up for class (and sign their children up for babysitting) in advance. 

  • When checking in for class, please be sure you are checking in under the correct name and for yourself only. A $20 penalty will apply for those found to be checking in other clients. 

  • Once the cancellation window has closed, “switching” classes/mommyTIME will result in a late cancel for class/mommyTIME appointments not attended. 

  • Online registration for fitness classes/childcare closes one (1) hour prior to the start of class. Please call for availability within this window.

  • Classes may be cancelled if the minimum registration enrollment has not been met two (2) hours prior to class start. 

  • If a fitness class or childcare is cancelled or full, we will not be able to accommodate a walk-in client.

  • Class credits will not be returned in the event that you are removed from class to care for your child(ren).


Fitness Class Waitlist Policies

  • As spots in a full class open up, we enroll clients in the order that they signed up for the waitlist.

  • Members must purchase a class, have class credits on their account, or have a monthly membership to sign up for a spot on the waitlist.

  • If a spot in class does not open up, the purchased class stays on the client’s account and is non-refundable.

  • Please only sign up for a spot on the waitlist if you are prepared to attend class. If your plans change, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

  • We may enroll a client in class from the waitlist up until one (1) hour prior to class start. If a client is enrolled in the class from the waitlist and does not show up (or Late Cancels), Late Cancel policies will apply.

  • Please make sure you have signed up for email alerts so you are notified when you are removed from the waitlist. See the front desk if you need assistance.

  • When you are added to class from the waitlist, please register your child(ren) in the childcare slots associated with the class. In order to maintain excellent service, if you do not pre-register for childcare and childcare is full when you arrive for class, childcare drop-off cannot be accommodated. Late Cancel Policies will apply.


Fitness Class Policies

  • For your safety, and the safety and comfort of all our guests, please arrive to class on time. We allow for a five (5) minute grace period (ten [10] for mom & baby classes) after class begins but beyond that class and childcare will close and late cancel fees will apply for members. Class pack holders will forfeit their class credit. In the event of an emergency, please contact us and we will review on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Please let your instructor know if you have any concerns, injuries, or medical conditions.

  • In order to achieve the best class possible, please keep talking to a minimum while the teacher is instructing.

  • Please put mobile phones away and on silent during class time.


Childcare Policies

  • Please pre-register all children who will be using childcare. Please see handout/website/front desk for information on how to register (and cancel registrations) for childcare.

  • If you arrive with more children than are registered, and childcare is full when you arrive for class, childcare drop-off cannot be accommodated. Late Cancel Policies will apply.

  • Childcare opens ten (10) minutes prior to and closes five (5) minutes after the end of fitness classes. 

  • Please make sure to sign out on the childcare sign out sheet. If you do not sign out, we will assume a late cancel and late cancel fees will apply. 

  • In order to provide excellent service, late childcare pickups will incur a $5 fee.

  • Please ensure that you are dropping children off in the correct childcare room matching the activity in which you are participating. 

  • To minimize disruptions, please ensure that children have used the restroom/been changed and have eaten prior to drop-off.

  • Unless child is fully potty trained, please bring him/her in a pull-up.

  • Socks are required in the childcare room. We have children’s socks available for purchase.

  • If staying for a double (any combination of Fitness and mommyTIME), and have an infant in childcare, please check in with childcare lead between blocks.

  • No drinks or snacks are permitted in childcare. Labeled sippy cups with water are permitted.

  • A Mom’s Village cannot guarantee an allergy free environment.

  • If infants arrive asleep in “bucket seats” a waiver must be signed for them to remain. No blankets are permitted when an infant remains in a seat and they must be facing out and in full view of our team. We will do our best to keep children asleep when transitioning them out of a “bucket seat” but cannot make guarantees.

  • Please do not bring outside toys to A Mom’s Village childcare room. Labeled “lovies,” blankets and pacifiers are ok.

  • Childcare staff at A Mom’s Village will not administer any medication.

  • Childcare staff will make every effort to soothe an upset child. If the child becomes inconsolable or is a disruption to staff and other children, we will need to come get you from class. If you are not able to resume class, class credits will not be refunded.

  • Childcare staff does not change diapers. You will be removed from class if your child has a bowel movement and needs to be changed.

  • If anyone other than the member is picking up children, we require written notification (including full name and address), prior to drop-off, each time, and will require an ID at pickup.


*Drop-off childcare policies may vary. Please inquire or see drop-off childcare paperwork for details.)



  • mommyTIME is available to monthly members of A Mom’s Village only.

  • mommyTIME is available space permitting.

  • momHUSTLE memberships (general and off-peak) allow for one (1) hour of mommyTIME each day. mommyTIME memberships allow for two (2) hours of total mommyTIME each day.

  • mommyTIME can be booked in full one-hour blocks of time. Partial hours are not available. For example, in order to use 1.5 hours of Mommy Time, Members will be required to book two full hours.

  • If a monthly member does not have a sibling babysitting membership, but would like to bring a sibling for mommyTIME, the cost for a drop in is $5 per sibling per hour.

  • Please see handout/website/front desk for information on how to register (and cancel registrations) for childcare.


Off-Site Late Pickup Policies


  • Members must respond within five (5) minutes of being notified of a request to return to the studio to attend to the needs of their child(ren)

  • Members must return within ten (10) minutes of being notified of a request to return to the studio to attend to the needs of their child(ren).

  • A penalty of $10 will be assessed the first time a member is late to respond/pick-up.

  • A penalty of $20 and suspension of out of studio mommyTIME (one (1) month) will be assessed the second time a member is late to respond/pick-up.

Drop Off Care

  • In order for A Moms’ Village to provide exceptional service and ensure we abide by state regulations regarding our EEC exemption, a penalty of $5 will be assessed for the first 1-5 minutes of a late pickup.

  • A penalty of $5 per minute will be assessed thereafter.

  • A Mom’s Village reserves the right to remove families from drop off care programs if late pickups become a chronic issue.


Child Enrichment Policies

  • All children attending an Enrichment Class must be registered. All children over the age of 6 months must be registered in Mixed Ages Music class. Occasional guests or siblings may attend class space permitting for a drop-in fee of $25.

  • Clients must call out of a class at least 2 hours in advance of the class start in order to receive a make-up class.

  • Clients are allowed to make-up 1 class per session and must arrange make-up class by emailing Miss Lindsey. Make-ups are allowed space permitting.

  • Please keep sick children at home! Please review sick policies under the general policies section to see our guidelines.

  • Children attending drop-off classes (except PlaySchool) must have a caregiver on site at all times (caregivers can wait in the Village Center while children attend class).


Inclement Weather Policies

  • We know you are relying on us and will do out best not to cancel classes unless it is necessary.

  • If class is cancelled due to weather (or other unforeseen circumstances), we will post to social media. Please make sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

  • Classes cancelled due to weather will be marked on the MindBody Schedule as “cancelled” at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled class start.

  • Classes cancelled due to weather will be returned to the client’s account.

  • Our cancellation policy will apply when class is not cancelled for weather.


Health Policies

  • Consistent with MA public schools and daycares, we require that children in our care be up to date on vaccinations.

  • Please do not bring your child to A Mom’s Village if they:

    • have had a temperature in the last 24 hours

    • have had diarrhea in the last 24 hours

    • have vomited in the last 48 hours

    • have a bacterial infection and have not been on antibiotics for more than 24 hours

    • have a runny nose with green or yellow mucus

    • have been exposed to a contagious disease (chicken pox, flu, head lice, pink eye, etc)

    • if your child is home sick and missing school please do not bring them to A Mom’s Village

  • If an illness requires leaving during childcare, a doctors note is required for returning within the following 24 hours.


Mommy Clubhouse Enjoyment Policies

  • In order to preserve the enjoyment of A Mom’s Village clients, we have implemented a strict non-solicitation policy. Solicitation includes-but is not limited to- the distribution of samples, products and literature to clients or staff. Posting of advertisement, solicitation, political campaign or articles for sale is prohibited, unless authorized by A Mom’s Village Management.

  • No Mommy Shaming! “What worked for my family and me…” is a powerful phrase.


General Policies

  • Membership belongs to the individual whose name under which it is registered and is not transferable.

  • Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.

  • All sales are final. No refunds for cash or credit will be provided after purchase.

  • If policies are chronically abused, A Mom’s Village reserves the right to refuse service.

  • All A Mom’s Village policies are subject to change and are available to view at www.amomsvillage.com


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