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Prenatal / Mom & Baby Fitness

While all of our fitness classes can be modified for pregnancy and postpartum mamas (with doctor's clearance), we offer a variety of fitness classes that are specifically geared to our pregnant and recently postpartum mamas.  

These classes are included in our fitness schedule, and you can register here.

Prenatal Yoga:

This class is designed to meet the ever changing needs of moms to be. Perfect for all stages of pregnancy, Yoga can help reduce stress while building strength and alleviating  aches and pains. 

Mom and Baby Barre:

This class will help you reconnect with your body while also connecting with your new little one. You'll be challenged to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to a place where you'll build strength, flexibility, and confidence.

This low impact class will focus on all major muscle groups in a balanced & safe manner that is specifically designed to respect what your body has recently accomplished.

The supportive environment encourages you to give baby what he/she needs throughout class, take breaks, and be kind to yourself. Safe for all levels.

Please bring a blanket and a baby carrier (and whatever else you need to keep your little one comfortable).

Mom and Baby Yoga:

This class is for mommies and their pre-crawling babies. We will sing songs, "stretch" our babies, and of course move through some yoga flows. Feeding, diaper changing and crying (both moms and babies!) are all welcome in this class. Come get some zen time while meeting other moms and babies.

Please bring a baby blanket.

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